Four Benefits Of Drinking Sparkling Water From A Dispenser

The demand for sparkling water in the market today surpasses that for freshwater. Research studies indicate that the sales of sparkling water surpassed $6 billion, which is higher than the $2.6 billion that was sold in 2011, and the sales continue to rise exponentially as sparkling water continues to become available in every part of the world.

Sparkling water is usually made by mixing water with carbon IV oxide gas. It has a similar taste as soda, although it does not contain sugar and calories. However, sparkling water can be flavoured with natural flavours. Thanks to continuous advancement in technology, water dispensers have been equipped with the necessary tools to produce sparkling water. Here are some benefits that you will gain by consuming sparkling water.

Advantages of drinking sparkling water

  • Improves digestion

Sparkling water usually stimulates the nerves used for swallowing in the mouth and this increases one’s urge to swallow more food. Apart from that, it also supports bowel movements and is efficient for those who suffer from constipation. It has also been known to eliminate indigestion.

For sparkly water, there is no sugar or calories that can bring negative health effects to one’s body, such as tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. Thus, if you feel the urge to drink soda, you should instead opt for carbonated water, if you really care about your body.

  • Weight loss

If you want to lose some weight, sparkling water may just be the main meal in your diet to help you on your course. Studies show that drinking sparkling water makes you feel more full than when you consume freshwater. The carbonation process that occurs in your stomach causes the food inside to remain for a long period of time. This helps to curb your appetite, helping you to  avoid eating unhealthy foods that can only lead to weight gain.

  • Keeps the body hydrated

Water helps to keep your body hydrated. Therefore, the taste of carbonated water can make you drink more water, meaning that your body will have a sufficient amount of water to stay hydrated. On the other hand, soda and other sugary drinks do not increase hydration in the body because the sugar in them depletes water from your body, keeping you dehydrated.

  • Minimises phosphorus consumption

Soda contains an element called phosphorus, which can decrease bone density when consumed frequently. However, consuming sparkling water can help to improve water retention and other important minerals in the body thereby restoring bone density. For stronger bones, you should consider drinking fizzy water and avoid soda at all costs. Stronger bones maintain your strength to do heavy work without feeling tired.

The above benefits usually start to appear a few days after you start to drink sparkling water. Thus, you should make efforts to get a sparkling water dispenser for your own benefit.

How much does a sparkling water dispenser cost?

There are different types of sparkling water dispensers that are available in the market. Some are robust while others are just simple. You first need to assess your needs before you can buy one of the sparkling water dispensers. The cost will play a big role when you are deciding which type of sparkling water dispenser to purchase. Considering the benefits that one can get from a sparkling water dispenser, it is advisable to have one and live a healthy life. Just be sure that the installation of a sparkling water dispenser is performed by a professional.